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10 April 2020


Career Development and Assessment

Our Services :

1.   Career Vacancy Information

CDA IPB provide career vacancies from industries. Companies that need employees from IPB and 
non IPB can open vacancies through CDA IPB. Vacancies published through:
Website : http://cda.ipb.ac.id
Instagram :cda_ipb
Fanspage FB : CDA IPB
Twitter :cda_ipb
Line : @cda_ipb (use '@')
Linked In : CDA IPB

2.     Career Online Application

CDA IPB provided service online application for member (jobseeker). Companies whose have not online application system yet, could using services for application system.

3.     Test for Applicant

CDA IPB facilitates potential and career development tests for students or fresh graduates and various 
kinds of ability tests that become standard in the acceptance of a company's staff such as 
psychological tests, 
tests of foreign language skills, tests of academic abilities, etc.

4.     In Campus Recruitment

CDA IPB routinely facilitates the recruitment of various national and multinational companies 
on the campus of IPB. This service brings together companies (employers) and job seekers from 
IPB (in particular) and non-IPB graduates (generally).

5.     Companies Session

CDA IPB facilitates presentation and information session from companies or institutions whose will share 

information (focus on preparation for work, internship, career motivation, scholarship, ect) for IPB’s students or fresh graduates.

6.     Career Training

CDA IPB facilitates training and simulation for students and fresh graduate about career preparation. We invite person from industries (national and multinational companies) to give training and simulation. Content training are :

·       CV check

·       Interview

·       FGD/LGD

·       Personal branding

·       Public speaking

·       Manner, formal look, ect

7.     Career Counseling

CDA IPB facilitates consultation and counseling for students and fresh graduate with the career counselor. Perhaps, by this counseling could help the student and fresh graduates to solve their career problem.

8.     Career Days (Job Fair)

CDA IPB routine held Job Fair twice a year. The purposes of this event is assisting graduates/fresh graduate to have proper 

and descent job and help companies to meet potential candidates.

9.     Scholarship expo/sharing session

CDA IPB also give facilitates for student whose will continuing studies even abroad or local studies ny scholarship expo or scholarship sharing session.

10.  Entrepreneurship

CDA IPB facilitates students whose have entrepreneurship passion to make their passion become act. By mentoring and practical session, perhaps could be assistance to be job creator.

11.  Internship

CDA IPB facilitates student to be ready in the real work through internship. Companies whose have internship chance for students, can propose to us and we will share to students.

12.  Stadium General for graduates

CDA IPB routine held stadium general for graduates, with invite the employer to give sharing about the work world 

and success entrepreneur to give sharing about the success story to become entrepreneur.

Office :

Andi Hakim Nasoetion 1st Floor

IPB University

Campus IPB Dramaga – Bogor 16680.

Telp : 0251-8623327/8627446

Email : cdaipb@ipb.ac.id; cdaipb@apps.ipb.ac.id

Website : http://cda.ipb.ac.id
Instagram :cda_ipb
Fanspage FB : CDA IPB
Twitter :cda_ipb
Line : @cda_ipb (use '@')
Linked In : CDA IPB