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Greetings from University of Groningen (RUG) and Wageningen University (WUR)

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Greetings from University of Groningen (RUG) and Wageningen University (WUR)


Season Greetings & Have a Wonderful 2017!


We are GROW-Representing Higher Education Institutions in The Netherlands- the Official Representative (not an agent) for University of Groningen (RUG) www.rug.nl and Wageningen University www.wageningenur.nl for Indonesia and Singapore.


We provide the information about studying at the above mentioned universities; Free Counseling, Registration assistance, Information of Visa and Accommodation, Flight Tickets and Group Departure etc.


Please find the related information as attached.


Registration should be ONLINE through the university website. Please be informed that the students can start the registration from now on. We will guide for the process. Manuals of the Online Application is available, please email us if you need it.


Important! Once the students have done the online registration, in order to be registered in our database and to be updated with all the information, please complete this below data’s:

-          Name as written in passport

-          Phone Number

-          Date of Birth

-          University of Origin

-          Chosen Programme

-          Student Number (University of Origin)

-          File Number (Wageningen University)

-          IELTS/TOEFL Score

-          Funding


Thank you for your attention and please contact us for more information.


HIGHLIGHTS : The University of Groningen is extremely proud that one of the Professor Prof. Ben Feringa granted the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry! (on the development of molecular machines). Take the opportunity to study in the best Universities in the Netherlands.


Reach Your Dream, Study in Our University is Your Gateway for Success!



Kind Regards,


Ponti Caroline


download Prof Ben Feringa - Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 2016

download Persyaratan Document

download RUG Int Degree Programmes 2016

download MSc Brochure

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