PT Codebrick Indonesia (Toko Talk)
"TokoTalk is an e-commerce website enabler company founded in 2018 by Codebrick, a South Korean tech company. As per October 2021, TokoTalk has been helping over 600,000 Indonesian sellers to grow their online businesses. As per our mission to democratize e-commerce landscape for everyone, we are shaping the future of e-commerce in the region as we help empower sellers to become independent in their online businesses through their e-commerce websites. It takes less than 3 minutes to create and run an online e-commerce website with TokoTalk. TokoTalk's team consists of dozens of hungry Indonesian and Korean young professionals who came from various education and industry background. We are taking e-commerce tech to the next level with close guidance from our Ivy League alumni team. The dream is to empower millions of Indonesian sellers to start and win online businesses through their own shops and we want you to be part of the team."
JustCo Sequis Tower Jl. Jenderal Sudirman No. 71
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Selatan , DKI Jakarta
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