Great Giant Foods
Great Giant Foods is one of the largest and leading food and agribusiness companies in Indonesia. With more than 30,000 Ha field in Lampung, Blitar, and other areas, GGF plant and produce fresh & processed fruits to be sold locally all over Indonesia with Sunpride as the brand, and exported to more than 60 countries, such as Japan, China, Middle East, United States, etc. Not only fruits, we also have the very first low land dairy farm in Indonesia that produce fresh milk, and the third largest livestock company in Indonesia. With 10 (ten) companies under Great Giant Foods organization, GGF aims to expand along with Indonesia’s GDP growth. To achieve this target, GGF does not only depend on existing businesses, but through the incubation of bold new ventures. We also challenge our 20,000 employees to set stretch targets. We are not afraid of trying new things and expect employees to push beyond their boundaries, continuously expand their roles and challenge the statuesque. We invest in employees’ growth and believe in aligning passion and work.

Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 21 Karet Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan
Kota Administrasi Jakarta Selatan , DKI Jakarta
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